Last week, my nephew told me he was trying to find his own apartment. He said that he had been thinking about it for a while, because he really wanted to get out of his parents’ house, but he really had no idea where to start. He asked if I would help him, and I told him I certainly would, because I have lived in several apartments in my time and have developed a really effective approach to find an apartment that will best fit your individual needs. He came over for lunch and then we went to work.

I told him that the first step to find an apartment was to determine what price range he found acceptable. I told him this was an important step because he did not want to find an apartment that he found really appealing and then learn that it was out of his price range. He understood completely. We even found a local company who provide a range of great serviced apartments – – but they weren’t really what he was looking for.

Then I told him that we needed to figure out what part of town he wanted to live in. I said it was important for him to find a pretty safe neighborhood first and foremost, and then think about other features he wanted. He was not sure what I meant, so I explained to him that he might want to be near entertainment, public transportation, shopping venues or night life, so he needed to think about what appealed to him. He thought about it for a minute and then started to make a list of what he wanted. Luckily, Aberdeen  is a great city and theres lots of nice places to live, so picking a good location wasn’t much of a challenge.

I told him that he would also need to think about what type of apartment he wanted in terms of style, amenities and so forth. I said that this is a step sometimes forgotten when people want to find an apartment, because they are often just looking for a place to stay. I informed him that while a swimming pool might be really important to one person, a playground could be important to somebody else and a workout facility might be important to another person.

We made up a plan and were on our way to find an apartment. We spent about three hours going from place to place, and before long, we found the one for which he was looking. It was not that pricey, it was in a safe neighborhood and had all the amenities he needed.

It is not hard to find an apartment. I think that it is important to have a good plan in place and to think about what you need, but once those things are done, it is usually fairly easy to find what you want.

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