Even in a beuatiful climate like we havce here in Italy, planning for outdoor events in the summer is a game of wishing and hoping. There is always a chance that either rain or hot weather is going to spoil the day for everyone. There are times when you can chance things, plan for outdoors, and then see what happens, but then there are times when you have to be sure the event goes of without a hitch. Weddings, family reunions, benefits, and community events are all common activities in the summer and you have to be prepared for everything that can happen. This is why event tent rentals are important.

Most of us need a professional tent rental service for two very important reasons. One is to have somewhere to keep yourself and your guests in the event of rain and also to provide shade if the sun is relentless. Even if you are pretty sure it is not going to rain, you want to see about tents no matter what you plan to do. If it is not raining, there is always a chance the sun is going to be too much for someone. If you are having an outdoor wedding or reception, a tent is a must if your family is going to be there. Your older relatives may not deal with sun and heat as well as the younger. Be on the safe side and get one.

You may not be sure about what size to get when thinking about event tent rentals. That is where the rental company comes into play. A good event planning company can ask you a few questions about your event and can then tell you what size they recommend you get for your party or wedding. They will want to know what type of event you are having, how many people you are inviting, and what type of food service or stage area you may need to have under your tent. They can then make recommendations and help you out with your rental.

You should also ask about the set up of your event tent rentals. Many of these are not easy to get up and are very complicated. That means you are going to need help. Some many offer to set them up for you and that may be part of the price. On the other hand, you may be on your own. This means you are going to have to have help before and after the event putting up and taking down the tent. If you are getting a large one, you may want to give yourself extra time so that you can get it up right. The last thing you want is the tent falling in on you while your guests are under it.

In the event of extreme weather, event tent rentals are not going to be the best option. While they can save an event from a rain shower or a 95 degree day, it will not do you any good in high winds that come with thunderstorms. If the weather reports leading up to your event do not look good at all, the tent may be a no go. Instead, you should see if you can find an indoor venue to book at the last minute. Even strong and well placed tents can blow away and/or collapse on your guests.

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