I was discussing with a potential sponsor my trek around the globe. Of course the question as to who would comprise the audience for my blog posts, websites, magazine articles and videos came up. I responded that they would be people spending their retirement travelling, lifestyle travellers, and vacation goers. Immediately I was asked to explain what the phrase, “lifestyle travellers” meant. A fair question.

Most people are unaware there is such a thing as a traveller lifestyle, but I assure you there is. Lifestyle Travellers probably only number is the tens of thousands though, and fall into two categories. There are those who just wander to see what there is to see, and then there are those with a calling. 

Those answering a calling tend to be people like surfers going to wherever the waves are. A huge percentage are adventurers, who continuously volunteer to help out aid or environmental groups to be able to do something important while their transportation, accommodation and board is covered. Many are photographers, travel writers, artists, musicians, etc. who either travel to find would, or have to travel to work.

I fit more into the wanderer profile. I really detest having a plan my travels, and as much as possible go where the wind blows me. Mine isn’t always a good plan though. I’ve ended up in some very tense situations, but for the most part it’s good times filled with unexpected adventures.

I prefer the company of other lifestyle travellers. We share a common interest, and there is so much to talk about, such as where we’ve been, where we’re going, and there is always an exchange of ideas, tips and advice. Some of my most endearing friendships are with people I see rarely, and then often by accident because we’re both in the same place at the same time.

What lifestyle travellers are is very brave, determined and adventurous people. They want to do something, but wait until things just right to do so. Such people end up dying and wishing as they take their last breath that they’d done something with their life. Lifestyle travellers simply go where they want, to do what they want, when they want. They’re self sufficient people who know they’ll figure out how to survive, even prosper once they get to where they’re going. They place the journey above all else, making travel a lifestyle.

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