I’ve already been writing about affordable ways of travelling to different destinations in the world. This time, I would like to concentrate on holiday destination for people, who are prepared to spend extra for an amazing holidays in Italy. When I can get time away from my job at Azzurro Blu, Italy has always been one of my favorite destinations. I love to join the thousands of demanding tourists, VIPs and actors who visit there to enjoy its natural breathtaking landscapes, the superb wine and food as well as its fashion. Affluent people choose the best accommodations in Italy when they want to go offshore while parking their luxury yachts.


Italy offers a wide range of charming and elegant hotels. The most popular among the more wealthy tourists are Italy Resorts and Spa, such as five-star L’Ea Bianca Luxury Resort in Sardinia or Argentario Golf Resort & Spa in Tuscany.

Italian cuisine

Italy is food and food is pizza! But not only pizza lures everyone to Italy. In a luxury Italian restaurant you can try different types of pasta, seafood, famous minestrone soup, dumplings called there ravioli or lasagna. You might be surprised when a waiter asks you what you would like to order for the main course after you’ve just eaten a whole plate of pasta. In Italy, pasta is a separate dish, which is served between a soup and a main course. Desserts in Italy are as famous as the main course, with the most popular tiramisu and classic panna cotta. Everything is always accompanied by a delicious wine from a local vineyard. So you need to be prepared to gain a few pounds after a holiday in Italy!


Clothes you can find in Italy can be very original and surprising if you show a little bravery during your shopping. The most interesting shops can be found slightly to the side of the main streets, where the work of young designers, classic leather goods manufactures, tailors and sewing for your fit craftsmen, as well as street markets and antique shops. If you have a huge credit on your credit card you will be probably looking for a high-end fashion. In that case, Tridente in Rome is the place, where you can splash the cash on clothes. In the narrow street intersecting triangle between Via del Corso and Via del Babuino is full of addresses of the great tailors and designers of international fame. This is where you can enjoy the latest creations of fashion houses such as Chanel, Fendi, Roberto Caballi, Brioni, Louis Vuitton and Burgari. Only at the magnificent Via dei Conditti there are salons of Gucci, Prada, Armani, Versace, Valentina and La Perla.

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